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Discover the step-by-step program that quickly turns any puppy into a well-behaved, loveable companion, without spending hours training them, buying specialist equipment, or spending a fortune (even if you think you’ve got a ‘troubled’ dog).


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What if there was a way to raise a dog who follows your commands, no matter what was going on around them...

A way that doesn’t make you anxious when it’s time for ‘walkies’ or embarrassed when your friends and family come round…

I know right now, you can’t see how you can get from the dog sitting in front of you (ok, more realistically running about the house like a loon…) to the obedient, friendly dog of your dreams.

But what if there is a way…

To get out there and live your own life, without worrying that your furniture will look like it’s been through an industrial blender when you return.

To take them for a walk in the park without feeling like you’ve strapped a leash to a ticking time-bomb.

A way that can help you to…

Calm your dog in seconds

Learn how to relax your dog so they’ll listen to you and obey your commands, no matter whether they’re about to be fed, at the park with other dogs or when someone rings your doorbell.

Reduce aggression

…no matter the dog or the breed, Implement effective strategies to stop disruptive and even violent behavior in its tracks, no matter whether it’s pulling on the leash or dog-on-dog aggression.

Understand what’s causing the problem

Discover the root causes of your dog’s behavior rather than just focusing on quick-fix solutions that only address the symptoms


Transform your relationship

Move from a position of stress and anxiety to one of happiness and relaxation and finally be able to enjoy every aspect of dog ownership.

Achieve Results in Minutes Not Weeks

Learn techniques you can implement immediately to achieve instant changes in your dogs behavior, without weeks of intensive training.

Establish healthy behavior early on

Train your puppy when it’s in a formative stage to create the good behavior patterns that you’ll expect from them when they grow up.


Dear friend, Does your dog...

Not listen to you when you call? And wish they would come to you right away when you called their name?


Jump on other people and frighten them? Would you love it if they calmly greeted visitors on all fours instead?

Bark at, and act aggressively around other dogs? Wish your tail-wagger would go about their business in a calm manner and relax around other pups?

Pull on the leash while you go on walks – or get extremely excited before you get out the house? Want to know a simple trick to get your pup of any age to follow you?

Well if you’re experiencing ANY of these challenges then read this letter to the very bottom…

Because you’re about to discover the most simple technique which turns ANY dog (young, old and rescued) into a respectful, obedient “good boy/girl” … often within just minutes!

And if you’ve got a young pup, then this is the perfect time to understand how they think…

So you can ingrain amazing habits now! You see…

Here’s Golden Rule No.1:

The leader of the pack controls the food. (If you’re going to be the leader, you must control the food)

Food is the MOST important resource to your dog… the in the wild, the pack leader eats FIRST. So here’s how you MUST use food to become the pack leader in your dog’s eyes. If you do NOT do this, they will never respect you as the pack leader, and listen to you. [0:01]

Here’s how and when you should feed your dog. Follow this closely as this will let your pup understand who’s the leader… YOU. [01:05]

Discover Dan’s “Gesture Eating” trick. This will allow you to feed your dog at any point, while still remaining the leader in their eyes. This is a great trick especially when you’re in a rush and need to go out in the morning [01:45]

Chances are at first your dog will not eat ALL of their food right away. They will leave some in their bowl. This is a way they assert their dominance. If you ever notice your dog leaving food in their bowl this is what you NEED to do RIGHT AWAY [02:30]

Be careful, your dog will try to outwit you and play tricks with you. You’ll discover the most common tricks dogs play with food which asserts their dominance over you. [03:03]

Is your dog not eating? Do not worry, here’s what to do in this situation… chances are they’re fine and they’re just playing another game with you. But if you get worried, Dan has a great recommendation for your dogs well-being [03:45]

Food is the MOST important resource to your dog… the in the wild, the pack leader eats FIRST. So here’s how you MUST use food to become the pack leader in your dog’s eyes. If you do NOT do this, they will never respect you as the pack leader, and listen to you. [0:01]

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